Briony Brake

Welcome, my name is Briony! I founded Anthem to give a platform to some of the wonderful voices I knew and I’m so happy to see how it’s grown over the years.

I work in social media and film and have a passion for doughnuts, shiny things and the sea.

Here, I write about getting into feminism, sex education and the occasional Christmas gift guide!

I hope you love it here as much as I do.


Sian Brett

I’m Sian – I produce content, programme comedy nights, make theatre, and I watch a lot of TV.

I want to talk to you about mental health, and sexism, and death, and the media, and love, and puberty.

I would also quite like to make you laugh so we’ll see how this goes.


Jessica Yang

When I was 2 years old, I tried to ride my bike for the first time around my garden. After 5 minutes, I waddled my chubby little legs over to my mum and told her ‘I can’t get this fucking bike to work’. And that just about sums up my life and my reaction to it.

I now study Psychology and am passionate about films, love, mental health and the growth of human compassion. I also didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was 10.


Maxene Sommer

Don’t judge me but I’ve written a limerick:

I could’ve just written an ‘About Me’ 
But I like veggies, drawing and TV, 
I design lots of houses, 
And wear pretty blouses, 
And I wish that this blog was my degree


Sophy Edmunds

Hello there! I’m Sophy, and as a student, I spend most of my time crying under piles of books and slowly driving myself to insanity whilst clutching a coffee. If I’m not doing that, I’m probably trying to befriend farm animals. I like talking about the empowerment of women and how this has evolved – but I mostly like talking about constructions of gender and sexualities through history. I also love period dramas. Did you guess I study history?

Courtney About

Courtney McMahon

Hallo! Ik Ben Courtney!

I have a dog named Star, a cat named Iero, and three cacti named Shirley, Barbra, and Kimya. I’ll give you three clues to guess which subject I’m studying: I roll around the floor, I make weird noises, and I read lots of dope plays.
I’m an aspiring Artist, Playwright, Performer, and Director.

Also, my favourite colour is orange, and I collect postcards.

Jasmine York

Jasmine York

I’m Jasmine. I like flowers, veggies and doggies. I don’t like sleeping patterns, gender roles or roast dinners. My favourite thing about myself is my generosity. I like to read books about nutrition, aromatherapy and mental health. 

I’ve interned with a mental health charity that helps individuals who struggle with mental health get back into work. I love stories about how experiences with mental illness have equipped individuals with unstoppable creativity and inspiration.


Charlotte Morris-Davis

Hiya, I’m Charlotte and I can’t think of anything worse than that thing where they go around the room and ask you to say one thing about yourself, this feels a bit like that. I find politics interesting, animals cute, and I like cacti so much I got one tattooed on me.

I like to complain about things that need complaining about like bad movies, and generally what it’s like to grow up in a society that under-appreciates women.

Rowan Duval-Fryer

Rowan Duval-Fryer

My name is Rowan and when I’m not in the kitchen cooking up a storm (read: mess), I can probably be found watching videos of cats.

As a student, I’m both poor and passionate about many things such as veganism, literature, red wine, and equality for women. I also do yoga and work for a charity teaching sex ed in Africa so you can expect such topics to pop up in my writings.


Amber Berry

Hey! I’m Amber, a nurse hoping to become a therapist one day, and I’m very opinionated.

Things I love in no particular order are doggos, books, self-development and food.

I am especially passionate about awareness of mental health & illness, support for survivors of r*pe and sexual assault, and amplifying the voices of marginalised folks.


Lara Scott

Hi, I’m Lara and am lucky enough to write for this amazing blog.

I have a love of actors, hence my plan to become a casting director.

I am still coming to terms with my new graduate status, therefore writing for Anthem is being done between finding that elusive dream job and flat hunting.

I hope to write about culture, the arts and women.


Beth Farrell

Hiya, my name is Beth and I am a vegetarian bookseller and student from the North.

I adore feminism, books and snacks and I think that the world can and should be a better place for all living things.

I dislike inequality, bad mental health days and poorly made cups of tea and I think that if we all make a stand against something we believe in, we can really make a change for good.


Eleanor Manley

Hello, my name is Eleanor! I’m a recent graduate currently trying to work out this whole adulting thing. 

I will read pretty much anything I can find and my dream is to one day have the Beauty and the Beast library. On a Saturday I will regularly be found running around a hockey pitch and as such, I am very interested in how sport can be used to empower women and I’m ready to kick some butt one post at a time.


Lauren Barnard

I’m Lauren and I’m so hyped to be a part of Anthem!

I hope to write a whole mixture of things whilst part of the Anthem team; most probably you’ll find me talking about mental health and arty things.

When not writing I can be found in Waterstones and/or befriending strangers’ dogs.


Ellie Cook

Hi there, I’m Ellie – ardent feminist, filmmaker, and pastry lover!

Catch me wandering around London wielding a camera, or maybe talking to strangers about food. When I’m not on a film set I love hanging out with amazing women, talking about mental health, and writing about life working in the film industry.

When I grow up I want to be a mermaid, and also open an animal rescue centre with my husband.


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